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    E BMX

    5,00 / Hour
    25,00 / Day

    Ebike model for younger riders – with height minimum of 151 cm.

    Kids get to join in!

    Our model specifically for younger riders. Share the discovery of Ibiza with the younger members of your group.  A robust, sturdy model for little adventurers during your stay.  This bike model is suitable for urban and off-road terrain (not recommended for riding in sand).  Discover the island from a new perspective.




    • 2019
    • 20inch
    • Electric
    • 20mph
    Duration (Hours) Price/Hour
    1 5,00
    Duration (Days) Price/Day
    1 20,00

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    Suitable for: riding along the Ibiza bicycle paths.

    Specs: ……..20″ wheels and mechanical disc brakes

    Engine: …… electric Assist Bicycle system and lights. Approx. 50-60km autonomy

    Charging time: 2.5 – 5H

    Equipment: lock, front basket, inner tube, tire levers and air pump

    Sizes: minimum 151cm

    Meter Operation:

    Turn on power switch, and the meter will light up.

    Press on the left side of the meter button to choose power output mode.

    There are 4 gears to shift, as follow:

    “0” gear – 0% assist

    Fitness mode: motor power output 0%, suitable for sporting and exercising.

    “1″ gear – 25% assist Aerobic mode : motor power output 25%, lower consumption, longer range, suitable for aerobic ride exercising .

    “2″ gear – 50% assist ECO mode : motor power output 50%, moderate consumption, suitable for outdoor leisure or riding on flat road.

    “3”gear – 90% assist Climbing mode : motor power output 90%, suitable for slope climbing or fast trip.


    Press on the right side meter button to choose ‘meter display’, as follows:

    TRIP – Single trip riding mileage (km) ,

    ODO – total riding mileage (km), press once the right side meter button

    TIME- single trip riding time(h), press twice the right side meter button


    Connect Bluetooth Speaker (optional)

    1. The valid range for the bluetooth speaker is 0-10m and normally within 5m is the best.

    2. How to connect the bluetooth speaker: turn on the bluetooth of your mobile/pad, search nearby bluthooth devices, find “E-scooter” and connect it(Once connection only accept one phone/pad).


    Kindly note:

    please turn off the battery when not in use

    please connect the bike to its designated charging point after use.

    Send your requirement to us. We will check email and contact you soon.