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    Discover Ibiza

    IBIZA is a treasured island, discover it's beauty and charm the eco friendly way. Leisurely or active bike rides.

    Great Location

    Our Ebike stand is in the perfect location, with easy access to some of the most amazing views of IBIZA


    Check availability of your bike directly online and make your booking hassle free.  Book anytime

    Smart EBike Rental

    Custom made pedal assisted bikes on the island of Ibiza. Enter your SMS code into the kiosk to collect your bike, lock and accesories and just go!

    Sport Ebike


    All Terrain City Ebike

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    BMX Ebike


    Choose your EBIKE adventure

    Your Ebike experience starts here! Choose your ebike tour with one of our Ebike tour guide partners. Just tell us when and we can arrange the rest!

    How to book your Ebike

    Reserve. Collect. Return. 


    Choose a bike

    Select BOOK NOW. Go to online booking form, choose an Ebike and input your information: Start Date, End Date, Location ... Then click Book Now Button.


    Cart and Checkout

    Review your rental information  in cart and click Checkout Button for paying.


    Payment and receive collection instructions

    You can easily pay via Paypal, Stripe and other payment gateway. After succesful payment, you will receive Bike ID and details via Mail or SMS.


    Collect and ride your bike

    Enter reservation details into kiosk at our bike rental station. Access your lock, helmet and bag from within the locker you have been assigned. Locate your Ebike and disconnect the charger.  Unlock your Ebike and ride your adventure!


    Self Service Return

    Take your Ebike back to it's position on the bike stand. Reconnect the charger, use lock to secure the Ebike and deposit all rental items into your designated locker.

    Included with every bike rental


    We can fit you with a helmet, no need to bring your own!

    Bike Lock

    Peace of mind. Explore your surroundings know that your bike is secured to a permenant structure on the road. Each bike can also be locked with password entry for extra security.

    Front Basket

    With a capacity of upto 1 Litre, somewhere to carry your belongings for a stress free ride. Perfect for beach towells. 

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